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Welcome to Griffs Brewery

Hours Of Operation:

Monday- Wednesday: Closed

Thursday- 2pm- 6pm

Friday- 12pm- 8pm

Saturday- 12pm- 8pm

Sunday- 1pm- 4pm


Griffs Annual Pumpkin Carving Night!

*Tickets on sale October 7th- 17th, stop in to purchase and reserve a spot!

October 23rd 5-8pm

Ticket includes:

1- Pumpkin

1- Beer Flight


1- Pumpkin

2- Wine Tastings (6- 1oz)

$25 Per person

Under 21

1- Pumpkin

1- Pint of Soda

$15 per person

* Please, bring your own carving tools (public friendly)

* Please, follow COVID rules and regulations, thank you!

Need a place to throw a party? You can set up here at Griffs- Call 585-617-3843 to inquire!

At this time during COVID, we have to follow state guidelines holding a NYS liquor license:

All patrons must wear face coverings other than when seated; patrons must wear face coverings when standing, and may not stand other than for entry, exit, use of restrooms, and any other DOH approved activity; tables must be spaced 6 feet apart; parties must maintain 6 feet of distance, etc.  This applies whether patrons and/or employees are vaccinated or unvaccinated if CDC guidance is not being implemented.

Unvaccinated individuals must continue to wear face coverings other than when seated and eating.  Unvaccinated individuals/parties must remain 6 feet distant from others. Unvaccinated individuals may only participate in standing activities while wearing a face covering and following other DOH guidance. 
Unvaccinated individuals must be separated by 6 feet from vaccinated individuals who are or may be walking freely throughout the rest of the establishment (e.g., a designated vaccinated section or sections). 

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